The NPO  Leadership Training is designed for all NPO Staff Members. The Training focus on NPO Management Certificate or NPO Diploma Marketing or Project Management.

The fist Module for all Courses is :

This Module is the first module in the NPO Management Training programme and has 5 Units. The units focus on supporting a group of people to register the Organisation with various organisations and to prepare various documents to promote the entity.


This module is available and is available online, on email and on webinar. The units are as follows:

  1. Research on the issues that the Community experience and how to Recruitment of Committees, Board Members and Volunteers
  2. Develop a Constitution and Business Profile
  3. Register the Organisation as an Entity
  4. Basic Financial information including SARS registration
  5. Compliance of NPO


All participants will receive 4 presentations, all the Templates as well as FORMS for registration and compliance.

Cost. R50